If you are looking for a floor tiling installer then MB Construction is at your service for all your tiling work.

Our tilers and masons have futuristic ideas for covering your floors with tiles, non-slip tiles, floor tiles, stone and marble.

Whatever the type of project vote for renovation or new, our company will accompany you and advise you during its realization.
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  • Entrust management to experts
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Our services

All our services are flexible and personalized according to your needs.

Turnkey construction

You have made your decision and you are going to build your house! You see that you will not be able to complete the


The facade cladding is an important protective element whether in the context of rehabilitation or

Big Work

The structural work of a structure consists of the construction of its framework. It is all the building work that contributes

Exterior and interior fittings

The interior and exterior design services of MB CONSTRUCTION SARL are at your service.


Masonry work is an important aspect of any construction project. They combine all activities to ensure


MB Construction has many years of experience in the field of asbestos removal and we can meet your

Exterior and interior carpentry

Present inside and outside, they are the guarantors of efficient insulation, preserve the privacy of...


Insulation is a technique for protecting the interior of a house from the external impacts of noise and temperature. It is


Repainting your walls and ceilings can breathe new life into your home while increasing the illusion of space. We